Corporate Wellness

“What we think, we become.”

Work pressures have risen to new heights, with global pandemics, poor economies and uncertainty of job security. With employees spending longer hours at work in an attempt to achieve difficult KPIs, what really suffers is employees’ mental and physical wellness.

Trikaya’s corporate wellness program is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of employee burnout. Instead, Nivedita’s approach is to gauge team dynamics by spending time with professionals, identifying what issues could hinder personal growth that seep into the success of an individual as a professional, and to focus on obstacles that impact teams as a whole.

Nivedita believes that corporate professionals open up to holistic alternative healing when they are demonstrated simple techniques that show immediate results; for instance, relief from pain. She engages with them by practicing ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’, which are scientifically proven to release happy hormones that tackle aches and pains or mental stresses.

By helping professionals understand how the mind works and providing tips and hacks on encouraging the subconscious to steer towards positive thinking, Nivedita guides them with stress management, personal and professional goal achievement, development of leadership skills and working harmoniously in teams.

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