Relationship and Family Wellness

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.”

Planning which family you belong to is not an option; who we are is essentially an extension of how our relationships have moulded us through the years. How our personalities and belief systems take shape depends a lot on how we interact and deal with each member in the family.

Conflicts and disagreements are always a part of how a relationship evolves over time. However, differences within the family or external influences like personal failures, illnesses, addiction and feelings of despondency can put undue pressure on relationships. This often leads to poor interpersonal relations with a lack of appropriate interaction, and ultimately a rather unnecessary breakdown of communication.

At Trikaya Wellness, Nivedita adopts the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation methodology to uncover the underlying causes of family conflicts.

Nivedita guides joint and nuclear families, couples and children to identify the background to problems, pinpoint areas of pain and discover individual roles and responsibilities of people within families and between specific relationships. This helps break away from damaging beliefs and bondage from the past, things that tend to remain deep-seated in our subconscious mind, thus encouraging behavioural transformation.

Whether you are dealing with a narcissist parent, experiencing marital discord, or managing a troubled teen, working with your loved ones through Trikaya Wellness will help you reconnect, find love, peace and mutual respect, and focus on your right place in relationships.

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